Shapeways + Made with Code

Klik hier om meer te lezen over de samenwerking tussen  Shapeways en Google: #madewithcode om meisjes te leren coderen.

Samenvatting in het engels:

We’re thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Google on Made with Code to inspire girls to code and create. Made with Code offers fun and simple projects aimed at helping girls take the first step in learning how to code, and Shapeways is powering its premier project. Through Made with Code, girls will be invited to create custom bracelets and we’ll 3D print the bracelets in our New York City factory. Just as we are committed to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), we are incredibly passionate about 3D printing and are thrilled more people will be able to experience the power of creating their own products.
We’re also excited to share that the scale of this project has pushed us to innovate even faster. To learn more, read our CEO and Co-Founder Pete’s note on the Shapeways blog. Want to show your support for #madewithcode? Here’s how!